Sunday 11 November 2018

Last issue of GamesMaster Mag?

Reports in the past few weeks are that the legendary GamesMaster magazine will close and it's final issue is out now, in November.

One article below from Metro:

It has come as a shock which is evidently clear from the latest issue of 336, as there is no mention of the final issue on the front cover.

One FaceBook comment read: "Can't believe it's just ending just like that. Just another normal issue. Future should make one final collectors issue celebrating the magazine and video games through the years! This deserves a better ending!"

Most certainly many readers would want a final issue worthy of a celebration of the Magazine which has been going since 1993.

The decline of video games magazines sales and paper reading material in general has had a major decline due to the Internet, which isn't surprising.

With the show long gone and now the magazine itself, this truly is the final nail in the coffin for the name. 


If there is anyone out there who has every single issue of the magazine, please let us know in a comment. If you had the first issue as well, or any special ones this would be exciting to hear.

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Monday 23 April 2018

Retro Mini Returns

What better topic for a new post this year than one regarding retro mini consoles. 

The market is sweet for these little gems and the most popular has to be the Nintendo NES Mini and SNES Classic Mini.

Yes one could just download an emulator and gather whatever game they wish for free, but these little consoles are collectable trophy's. 

At least the SNES Classic is widely available now which means those greedy EBay sellers who were ripping fellow buyers off can't continue their sales

What is exciting for this year or maybe next? The N64 Mini of course, which could be on it's way very soon.

The most power games console on Earth, or was. To pack some classic games in one of these would be fun, but which games?

Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Turok? Just to name a few, but there are many more.

Other retro consoles to think about would be a Dreamcast, or is this just being silly?