Sunday 15 March 2015


Some may call keeping useless game mags that you refuse to throw away hoarding, I would call it retro collectibles although anyones partner would probably disagree.

Amongst the usual old game magazines and bits of paper that must mean something, there is of course GamesMaster.

GamesMaster Issue 133 - May 2003

Relatively speaking this isn't that old (still 12 years though). However, this is a unopened issue of GM that came with the last episode of GM on DVD. The disc also featured other cool gaming bits along with an option to view the magazines front covers from past issues.

Why unopened? there were two copies purchased of course. However, I doubt this will be worth much.

Why can't the GM magazine issue the entire show series on DVD?

GamesMaster Issue 1

I will have to admit that I did not purchase this when the show first launched back in the early 90's. The contents of the mag has some interesting game news of the time along with references to the show itself of course.

GamesMaster - The Official Book

Again, not originally purchased at the time but found on eBay. The book focuses on the second series along with a snip of the 3rd.

GamesMaster Tips & Cheats Books

Why oh why so many? Back in the day they came with almost every issue of GM. In today's world there is no need for a small tips book as anyone can get what they need from Mr.Google. The end result has been a pile of little books for old games, these are pretty worthless.

GamesMaster XMas Special VHS

As already mentioned in an earlier post, this was a mix tape of new games at the time. The music was fitting and showcased the games perfectly.

Disappointed with the front cover as the sticker had ripped the front off.

Saturday 7 March 2015

Retro games and consoles

Anyone who will be watching old video game shows such as GM will no doubt have the nostalgic urge to play retro games.

You can of course obtain the old consoles and games on sites such as eBay. However,  long gone are the days where you can pick them up cheap at the local car boot as most sellers will now know their worth.

The prices are not rediculous though as you can purchase an unboxed SNES console on eBay for around £30-£50 and this is roughtly the cost of most older consoles

Collectors will of course pay a lot more for a boxed console or game and some are quite rare.

The black Playstation programable console can be worth well over the £300 mark along with any Jap import consoles.

There are also many increasingly rare games such as 'Secrete of Mana' for the Super Nintendo (£50+) and 'Panzer Dragoon Saga' for the Sega Saturn which can sell for well over £100+.

Most of the well known retro games can be purchased for a relativlly cheap price so there is always a bargain to be had.

If you plan to play some of the older classics without cluttering your room with dusty plastic boxes, then you can of course use the following methods:

  • Download a ROM and Emulator to your PC, laptop or tablet.
  • Download officially released games to the Playstation and XBox on-line networks.
  • Buy retro game bundle discs.
  • Stream games to services such as Steam or OnLive.
Personally, I think the experience of playing on the original format is more satisfying.

Sunday 1 March 2015

Computer Game Shows still don't have it

Let's face it, there are no entertaining computer game shows that have the comedy and genuine banter that GamesMaster had.

Watching GM (especially the later series) was like watching your mates play games and take the piss out of you, I think that is what adults need now.

Channel 5 have 'The Blurb' of course, but this has people just trying to be funny, or maybe I just don't get their immature humor directed at clear posh students?

An Idea

Channel 5 will consume almost any TV show like Big Brother. Why could they not have just resurrected GamesMaster?

The host could have been Frankie Boyle (its still a Scottish comedian with glasses) and after offending most of the guests including the film crew, we can then sit back and know we have a decent show.

Channel 5 have ran The Gadget Show for more than ten years now, so why can't a game show run longer?

GM was cut premature, the games industry is growing bigger not smaller.

Lack of entertainment

It's not just computer game shows that need a revamp for adults, movie shows and cult interests also.

Back in the early 2000's there was a show called Vidz on Channel 4. This had two hosts who were hilarious, reviewing films whilst keeping up a weird but funny act.

More of this is needed on TV or on demand.